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On Being Green

First a cleaning perspective:

Low-Moisture Vs Deep( Steam) Cleaning -The primary difference between the two processes is the amount of water used in the cleaning. Deep-Cleaning will usually use several dozen to hundreds of gallons of water depending on the size of the job. A Low-moisture process will use only a few gallons for similar jobs. Another difference typically is the process of cleaning, low-moisture involves gently scrubbing the fibers of the carpet to remove the dirt while deep-cleaning uses suction to extract the water with the dirt with no scrubbing involved. While a deep-cleaner may claim that low-moisture is only ‘cleaning the surface’ the fact is that we saturate the carpet enough to get all fibers wet their full length with cleaning solutions and no more. You don’t need any more. What’s more important is the effectiveness of the cleanings solutions. The low-moisture process though reduces the drying time and removes the chance for mold and mildew from a poorly-executed service. 

From an environmental perspective: 

The Low-Moisture process is an inherently environmentally-friendly system. First we don’t use all that water as in the other processes. That large amount of water then becomes wastewater and, depending on cleaning agents used, potentially toxic wastewater. Second, we use only a little amount of electricity to complete our work while a deep-cleaning typically involves a truck-mounted gasoline-powered extraction machine. Finally our cleaning solutions are safe and non-toxic. So you can see that our environmental footprint is small for each job and since we do many jobs a day and dozens a week that is important.

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My carpets are amazing clean! Dry in less than an hour. Totally respectful and friendly. Did their job efficiently and was very cost effective. I wish I had money for...

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