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Do your hardwood floors reflect your busy life? Over the counter retail cleaning products can actually build up on your hardwood flooring causing it to look dull and lifeless. Heaven’s Best can clean and polish your hardwood flooring with a simple sand-less process returning that beautiful luster to your hardwoods!

Here is our 5-Step Cleaning Process:

Step 1: Hardwood Floor Pre Inspection We pre-inspect your hardwood floor to check if the floor contains any sticky material like oil, wax etc which may affect the ability of the cleaner/polish to stick on the floor. We also will bring areas of concern to your attention. If needed, we can help you move furniture off the floor.

Step 2: Dust Removal and Cleaning Pre-cleaning is very important. We will remove all the dry dust & dirt from the floor to maximize the effectiveness of polishing process. We clean your hardwood floor by lightly misting our cleaning solution on the floor..

Step 3: Floor Buffing We then use cleaning pads to remove the solution with the trapped dirt and residue from the wood. Next, we will using soft pads to go over the floor to bring back the shine and luster of the wood.

Step 4: Floor Polishing (Optional) After the cleaning has been done we can apply a polishing wax. We will let that wax sit for 10-12 minutes to soak into the wood and dry. Once it has completely dried we use our polishing pads to buff the hardwood to a beautiful shine

Step 5: Post-inspection We will check the results of our polishing process before presenting you with the final results.

Disclaimer: Exercise caution when walking on hardwood floors after they have been cleaned, especially immediately after polishing. Hardwood floors will be slippery up to 7 days.