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At Heaven’s Best we clean carpets better than anyone, but carpet cleaning is not the only area of cleaning where we excel…We are experts in cleaning upholstery as well. We clean sofas, love seats, sectionals, recliners, ottomans, dinning room chairs and office chairs

Our top notch upholstery cleaning service will get rid of most stains, odors and allergens while protecting your furniture’s delicate fabrics. Not only do we enhance the stylish beauty of your favorite piece of furniture, we can actually extend its useful life avoiding the high cost of replacement. Your clean upholstered furniture will once again be delightful to look at, adding charm and beauty to your home.

How we clean: 1. We pre-inspect each piece to determine the type of fabric, condition, colorfastness, stains and overall soiling. We will always point out areas of concern
2. We will prepare the area(s) in which we will be cleaning in an effort to protect surrounding furnishings and floor
3. Pre-treat heavily soiled areas and/or stains
4. Using an upholstery brush and terry towels we lightly agitate the fabric to loosen the soil and stains
5. The soil is then rinsed and extracted from the fabric using our high powered extractor.
6. The fabric is then groomed and prepared for drying

We recommend applying Heaven’s Best fabric protector to help prevent staining and extend the life of your fabrics.

You deserve the best….Heaven’s Best! Call us today for your upholstery cleaning needs!